Get the Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE – and cut WIDE

By Etienne Nagel, Wood-Mizer Contributing Author


Wood-Mizer’s LT70 range is built to work in the toughest sawmilling markets where extra heavy-duty sawmilling strength is needed. In Africa, the LT70 range has worked side-by-side with sawmillers for several decades to change small sawmilling businesses into modern, high-production timber enterprises. Offering industrial-strength construction, a wide range of power options, stationary or mobile designs, custom bed-lengths and log handling solutions, the LT70 range was already successful when Wood-Mizer launched the LT70WIDE in 2018. Choose WIDE for extra cutting capacity The LT70WIDE is a heavy-duty, high production sawmill that is ideal for sawmillers that cut large diameter and long lengths of heavy tropical hardwood logs into valuable sawn timber for local and export markets. It builds on the strengths of the LT70 range but with a WIDE head fitted for sawmillers that need to cut bigger logs, boards, or cants. The LT70WIDE offers a maximum width-of-cut of 860 mm from logs up to 1050 mm in diameter and between 4,8 and 8,4 m in length. It can also be fitted with wider and crowned cast iron blade wheels. With the wider blade wheels, up 50 mm wide blades can be used. The wider blade offers more stability and speed in the cut to produce accurately sawn boards from big logs faster. Several other features also add to the efficiency of the LT70WIDE. Hydraulic log handling functions make it easy to move and position large and heavy logs for accurate cutting with less manual labour. The head-up/down and forward/backward movement and blade guide arm adjustment can be done with the flick of a switch to improve output. The Setworks 10 machine control system makes it easy for the operator to adjust sizes accurately. Wood-Mizer’s LubeMizer system ensures a constant flow of water to the blade to keep it clean, lubricated and straight in the cut. A roller and double blade guide system on either side of the log ensures that blade cuts true when wide cuts are made through large and heavy logs. Big log markets benefit “When the LT70WIDE was first launched in Africa, customers knew they had a winner,’’ says Gavin Prowse, Wood-Mizer’s Regional Sales Director for Africa. “The LT70WIDE makes it easy for customers to saw the large logs sizes in their markets. “Customers also save money by buying a sawmill that can do the same job and costs less than much larger and more expensive wideband sawmills.” “Results from the large log markets in Africa shows that LT70WIDE has become a winner in a very short space of time. “Sawmillers in Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and even in South Africa have all invested in the LT70WIDE. “We’re seeing the same results from the rest of the world where sawmillers are also investing in the extra heavy-duty sawmilling strength of the LT70WIDE to take their businesses to the next level,” Gavin Prowse finished. Saw WIDE – saw LT70WIDE

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