Tips and How-To

Genuine Wood Mizer Bandsaw Blades

Always choose genuine Wood Mizer bandsaw blades for the best cutting results. We manufacture a full range of bandsaw blades that are proven across Africa.

How To Fold a Blade

Folding and unfolding bandsaw blades needs to be done correctly. New and used blades have sharp edges that can cause injury.

Correct Drive Belt Tensioning

It is essential to ensure that the belt is tensioned correctly due to the belt driving the wheel on which the blade runs.

Blade Cleaning and Maintenance

Flat spots on the rollers start when the blade's deflection is wrong, whereas the correct deflection pushes the rollers down on the blade.

Correct Blade Guide Roller Alignment

When the alignment is set correctly the sawmill will cut like intended. The wrong alignment will slow the mill down while cutting causing it to feel like the mill doesn’t have power even with a sharp blade.

MP Range - Woodworking Machines

Wood-Mizer offers a full range of woodworking machines that are manufactured in the same quality and precise way that Wood-Mizer sawmills are.

How To Improve Lumber Sales

Improve sales of lumber and slabs by sharing the unique story of the wood you are selling.

How To Choose a Sawmill Blade Profile

Using the best sawmill blade is key to increasing production, improving cut quality, and reducing your sawmilling or resawing operation costs. From green softwoods to abrasive hardwoods, Wood-Mizer manufactures an industry-leading range of sawmill blades with more than 100 combinations based on profile, width, thickness, tooth spacing, and material for any type of sawing or resawing application.

How to Shop for a Portable Sawmill

Learn how to shop for a portable sawmill by looking at performance functions such as power, design, operation, and log handling.

How To Select a Sawmill Blade Type

Offering more than 60 bandsaw blade profiles with an extensive array of combinations based on hook angle, tooth set, width and thickness, which Wood-Mizer sawmill blade is best for you?

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